The "Showing My Mom A Funny Meme" Meme Is So Pure And Perfect


*squints in mom*


  1. Posted by Marvel_is_best, — Reply

    why is this so relatable? Like my mom literally squints in the thing i call "mom" like she squints like all moms do lol

  2. Posted by justzoe79, — Reply

    Lol. I showed this to my mom and she did the same thing...

  3. Posted by nat0070, — Reply

    Lol that is my mom all over

  4. Posted by charly_parker, — Reply

    Okay hold up imma show this to my mom and see if she does the thing brb- (Edit) yepp, she did the EXACT same thing XD

  5. Posted by Idontunderstandthatreference_, — Reply

    "Who is that?"

  6. Posted by agata270609, — Reply


  7. Posted by laurynboyd16, — Reply

    "Do you know this person" "Is this you" "What does that mean" "You find this funny?"

  8. Posted by aleesha_194, — Reply

    Let the lecture begin

  9. Posted by avachase_, — Reply

    My mom did this while I was showing her this meme

  10. Posted by YellowScamander, — Reply

    I showed my mum this meme and she started laughing

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